Services for Energy Plants

Orbital Italia designs, builds, installs and configures energy production plants for wind turbines, photovoltaic solar farms and hydroelectric plants.

We can manage your energy plant, carrying out repairs, and offering ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Some of our services:

  • Hardware design and assembly
  • Supply, repair, maintenance and replacement of components
  • Hardware and software refurbishing
  • Hydraulic Systems Optimization
  • Fiberglass workings on wind turbines
  • Automation of existing plants (electrical backfitting)
  • Programming, optimization, installation, replacement and maintenance of PLCs and electrical panels
  • Repairing of propellers, painting, gel coating, blade balancing
  • Remote control
  • Control systems for synchronous motors
  • Dynamic braking system
  • Pitch Control: automatic blade inclination to calibrate energy production
  • Cleaning and maintenance