Wind turbines

Wind energy is an important and delicate investment that requires professional management in order to guarantee safety, efficiency and preservation of the energy plant.

Orbital Italia design, installs and maintain individual wind turbines and entire wind farms.

If you already have an energy plant or if you want to invest in the wind energy, Orbital Italia can help you.

Wind Turbine Regeneration

System reparation, with hardware replacement, to guarantee the full functionality of the wind turbine.

Testing and optimization of monitoring software with system calibration, to make your wind turbines efficient and safe.

Retrofitting of Wind Turbines

We replace the existing hardware components with last generation components in order to improve the efficiency of the plant and its safety. We automate the wind turbine by installing new hardware and software, providing you a way to monitor and adjust system parameters in real time.

Give a new life to your wind turbines, making them more powerful than before.

Blades regeneration

Maintenance operations on the propellers to guarantee the performance.

Reparation and fixing any damage

Work the plant to ensure the physical safety of the rotations that produce your energy.

Remote Control

Thanks to our SCADA software we are able to monitor wind turbines in real time with our smartphones. This feature makes the plant owners able to know, minute by minute, the state of the plant and the amount of energy produced. The Orbital Italia team has designed its SCADA software to monitor and manage systems, to guarantee performance while preserving the hardware.

Scheduled maintenance

We apply appropriate protocols to periodically check the status of the energy plants and, at the same time, thanks to the SCADA software, we constantly monitor the vital parameters of the systems, to carry out maintenance operations on site when needed.

All-in-One Control Systems

We use compatible control systems that can be easily installed on most existing plants, which guarantee system stability and optimized spaces, since the hardware is compressed in a box, held inside the TMC3.

Ready to go solutions

Have you decided to invest in the wind energy sector? Contact us to get a free consultation from our engineers: we can supply the plant, the land, take care of the installation and maintenance, monitor the energy plant and guide you in choosing the best solution for your business. From the bureaucracy to the installation of wind turbines, we can do everything for you.